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Unlimited Options and Design at Affordable Prices

At Furnibarn all our sofas can be as versatile and individual as your ideas; we design all our sofas from the frame upwards so we are not inhibited by styles dictated by a manufacturer which cannot be adapted. For example all our sofas can be made to any size, (height, width and depth) any aspects of our sofas can be altered from minoradaptions such as arm heights and wood finishes to larger alterations such as converting any of our sofa designs into a corner unit or a sofa bed, some designs can even be made curved or altered to fit bay windows.

Every individual fabric or leather we supply will alter the entire look and feel of the sofa which is why it is  one of the most important if not the most important part along with comfort in choosing a new sofa. We carry a huge stock of fabrics and deal with most of the major fabric houses in the UK and beyond to make sure you have access to the best fabrics available for style and durability.
By choosing a sofa from Furnibarn you can be sure that the sofa will reflect you aspirations, we offer as standard, a home design service where we will call out to your home and make sure that you get the exact piece that will complement your room, we will make sure that the sofa you desire will not be oversized for the room and we will advise on the correct size for you, as well as seeing the fabrics in the room the sofa is intended for, this allows you to be confident in getting the correct colour,  look and style you have in mind.

Comfort and support is also an intrinsic part when choosing a sofa, why compromise and buy a sofa that looks good but isn’t comfortable or even too large or too small?

We will as standard make sure that we tailor the comfort to you at the very start of choosing a sofa by finding out how you like to sit and relax, we achieve that perfectly by helping you choose the correct spring system and fillings for you in our showroom by trying out various alternatives from Duck and goose down fillings to fibre, foam,webbing, or springs, also we make sure that the seat height and rake of the back cushions are ideal for you. Once you are sitting comfortably, the size, design and fabrics will then finally all encompass the look you are aspiring to.

Finishing touches will also personalise your sofa and we can achieve this by simple additions, such as Individual studding to the outer arms and frame, Turkish bolster cushions, piping, deep buttoning, finials, pelmet skirts, brass castors, wood finishes, swarzkofski crystals, colour matching wood and upholstered finials and tiebacks, the options to individualise are near limitless. We can also advise in all aspects of individualising items to help enable you to be confident in getting the perfect sofa.Furthermorewe can also supply fully upholstered lamp tables, coffee tables and footstools of any dimensions to match any sofas we produce.

Alternately, you may just see the perfect sofa when visiting our showroom and not require any changes whatsoever, all our sofas we have in the showroom are made to the highest standard and are available for immediate delivery should you require something straight away.
If you already have a design in mind, we can make the majority of sofas on the market to any size and again use any of our fabrics or leather and fillings. Simply supply us with a photo or design to enable us to price for you.

Chair options are available to match all our sofas; again we have lots of standard styles which as detailed above can be made to any specification and match any of the sofas for that perfect look.
We are also very aware that sofas also have to be cost effective and affordable which is why we continually keep all our products at sensible prices to make sure you get the very best value for money when choosing a sofa.

And finally all our sofas are made in Britain by skilled time served upholsterers to the highest specification and Guaranteed to last and look great for years to come.