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hand crafted sofas

Frames are made from carefully selected hardwoods with Joints glued screwed and dowelled for strength.

All frames are lined out with webbing and hessian to give additional protection to yourCarefullyselected face fabric.

Arms and backs are contoured from layers of traditional upholstery materials (hair, felt, fibres etc) to give a smooth finish.

By combining various coil spring tensions in the majority
of our seats, optimum comfort and support is achieved.

Our coil sprung seats are traditionally finished with hair-stuffed, hand-stitched front edges for lifelong durability.

Either flat springs or coil springs are used in the back of our furniture for lasting positive support.

All fabrics are hand cut and pattern matched for that impeccable tailored look.

A choice of duck feather and down, hollofibre, foams and feather jacket cushions, amongst many others are offered to help you achieve the support and comfort that is right for you.

Cushions are zipped, overlocked and pattern matched both sides for ease of cleaning and maximum wear.

Each piece is traditionally upholstered by a skilled craftsman and inspected at six stages during manufacture to guarantee that you receive the highest quality finish possible.

To ensure that your upholstery arrives in perfect condition, our deliveries are carried out using our own transport and experienced staff.

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